Cosmetics are comprised of a combination of various chemical substances derived either from chemical sources or chemically synthesized ones. Common cosmetic ingredients such as fragrances, preservatives, colors and some ointments are prepared by blending together various chemical substance and water. A number of beauty products are prepared through the process of using various chemicals such as butyl, ethyl and methyl ethyl ketone. All these chemical substances known to be used in cosmetics are made up of two major groups, that is, an acid or non-acid group and a covalent group. Most of the cosmetics products in the market contain mostly alkaline substances, as they help in preventing the break down of the cosmetic materials during the time of usage.

All the cosmetic products in the market are not safe enough to use as they do contain harmful chemicals and drugs. There are several drug and cosmetic recalls every year due to the presence of harmful chemicals and drugs in many of the cosmetics products. The health problems that can be caused by the improper use of cosmetics are numerous, and can be life threatening sometimes. Therefore, it is very important to check on the safety guidelines of any cosmetic product before using it. For this it is good to take a good cosmetic product safety kit which contains all the necessary items.

A good cosmetic product safety kit will include at least one cleanser for normal and oily skin, moisturizing lotion for dry skin, lip balm, cleansing mask, an eye brightener, and moisturizer cream among other things. It should also contain at least one type of cosmetics, such as a body powder, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, eyeliner and other makeup. It is always advisable to read the instructions of use before applying any of these cosmetics, especially if you are a beginner in cosmetics. The most common mistakes in cosmetics are forgetting the correct amount to apply, applying the cosmetics in the wrong way, applying too much cosmetics, over mixing the ingredients, and even over applying cosmetics.

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