For those who do not know, the makeup has existed since 3 thousand years before Christ. The Egyptians were the pioneers when it comes to lipsticks, blushes and eye pigments. Of course, at that time, this artifact was produced in a totally different way. Some are lead-based, others are made from vegetable or mineral oil. With the appearance of caravans, these goods went to Greece, the Roman Empire and later spread to Nordic Europe.

Makeup has always had an artistic stamp, or used to embellish or perform rituals. However, from its beginnings to the middle of the 19th century, the products were very toxic, since their raw material was basically metallic materials. It was only in 1920, that makeup started to be popularized and that there was the beginning of tests in the laboratory for the creation of makeups made of non-toxic products.

Definitely, makeup is remembered for actually starting in the performing arts. The theater is considered the birthplace of artistic productions of facial painting and characterization. Since the cultural manifestations of Ancient Greece, India, Japan and Europe, the actors are made up and characterized, it is an essential ritual for the transformation of the character. A ritual that remains until the present day, with its due changes.

Special Effects

With the arrival in cinema and television, makeup has another section: special effects. Just as explosions, castles and monsters are made by computer graphics, special effects make-up is performed with prostheses, fake blood, light and shadow techniques that enhance and achieve a very surprising and essential result for some stories. But it’s not just the special effects that transform an actor, actress or model. Artistic makeup in general is a mechanism for creating iconic characters.

10 Actors Before And After Movie Makeup

Most Remembered Movie Makeup

The Joker makeup, for example. From the first Batman in 1992, with Danny DeVito’s Penguin, followed by Tommy Lee Jones from “Batman Forever” (1995), to Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker in “Batman – The Dark Knight” (2008) and ending in the last version made by Jared Leto in “Suicide Squad”, Batman’s eternal villain has always called attention for his classic makeup. The all-white face, with the blood-red smile and deep, dark eyes is, in fact, a milestone in the history of villains. Remembered by all, there is no one who does not recognize this countenance.

Another incredible case was the characterization in the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button“. Brad Pitt was impressively transformed into an elderly child. Transformations in the body, face and hair left everyone surprised with such perfection. This perfection, which even won the Oscar for best makeup, in 2009. In addition, the feature was also the winner of the Oscar for best special effects and art direction, which are totally related to makeup. Sources say it took five hours to prepare the actor’s makeup.

We couldn’t help talking about horror movies. In productions of this genre, special effects and frightening makeups are always used, from zombies to possessions. A milestone in the history of cinema was “The Exorcist“, not only for the success of the story itself, but also for the transformation of a sweet girl into a horrible and frightening creature.

Marilyn Monroe was a milestone in the history of cinema. The actress became a feminine symbol and was one of the main figures to bring out red diva lipstick. Another actress who influenced the market a lot was Audrey Hepburn, who also became a reference, bringing delicate eyebrows and outlined eyes. In addition to the unforgettable makeup of the model Twiggy, who was one of the main influences for makeup in the 1960s. There is no one to forget those huge eyes, full of mascara and false eyelashes.

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