Makeup Artist: Learn All About This Craft

makeup artist

Being a beauty professional requires an individual and interpersonal development plan. In a market that moves millions of reais annually, competitiveness is increasingly present and, for this, it is necessary for professionals to stand out and be able, in fact, to develop their skills for a solid career.

Thinking about this growing demand, especially for those who want to be makeup artists, it is necessary to adapt to high-level standards, develop skills, create a good career plan and pay attention to market trends on a daily basis.


The make-up artist needs, in the first place, to pay attention to the needs of the profession and thus seek specializations. Nowadays it is not enough just to know whether to put on makeup or to have an influence on social networks and video channels. To develop competencies it is necessary to base yourself on studies, which can come through an undergraduate or technical courses.

Dedication to studies can open doors to improve knowledge, improve creativity and, also, autonomy in the face of the profession. In addition to these positive consequences that the specialization offers the makeup artist, it is also possible to formalize this specialty, through the Technical Professional Registry, which is withdrawn at the Regional Labor Office.


Whether due to the crisis or in search of professional autonomy, entrepreneurship opens doors for makeup artists who wish to own their own business to obtain, many times, greater source of income compared to the work carried out as a collaborator in a studio, studio or beauty salons.

When this specialist wishes to undertake, it is necessary to be attentive and find a gap in the segment’s need to become a differentiator. It is not possible to do more of the same, but to act with creativity, planning, strategy and courage to innovate in face of what already exists. The act of entrepreneurship is still linked to studies and improvement of the beauty sector.


The makeup artist, before being an expert in makeup, colors and market trends, is a salesman. In other words, the success of selling your work is related to communication and for that it is essential that these professionals dedicate time promoting their art on social networks, on blogs and, mainly, participating in lectures in small and large events in the beauty segment.

Nowadays, the world is paying attention to the digital age and with that the space to expose your name, brand and work is bigger. According to a study “Digital Influencers”, carried out by the Market Research Institute, Qualibest, 72% of women are interested in fashion and beauty when looking for an influencer. Based on this, it is necessary for today’s makeup artist to know how to expand his knowledge, communicate with the 4.0 era and leverage his social networks with relevant content, which generate value for the professional’s target audience.

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It is common, for the good professional, to carry out tests of the aesthetic products on their own face, to understand the different shades, layers and durability that a given brand can offer. All of this has to be studied and tested before it is even put into practice with customers. Understanding the product, its needs, practicalities, time of effectiveness and results, are points that must be linked to the makeup artist’s work.


The professional who wishes to succeed in this beauty profession needs, as well as others, to practice resilience in order to achieve their personal and professional goals and objectives. Some of the makeup artists crave success in their careers overnight and, with that, frustrations are acquired by hurry, lack of understanding and encouragement.

The act of being resilient allows you to understand the stages of life. For example, every human being needs to follow a path in search of what he wants, which can take weeks, years or decades, but the important thing is that there is firmness, determination and willpower to not give up. During this trail, it is up to the makeup artist to be convinced that there is a difference between being famous and being good at what you do.


It is important to build good relationships through a network, as having contacts strengthens the work, generates clientele and also opens the way to new opportunities. This goes for make-up artists, as well as for any other professionals in countless other careers. Being friendly, having good communication, caution and working with good products from brands that are a reference are strong points that are linked to the development of a good relationship, in addition to self-success.

The exchange of recipients collaborates not only in opening doors to the labor market, but also in switching different experiences about products, techniques, brands and professionals. The practice of helping each other in the beauty field is like a right hand, that is, it does not generate competition, but contributes to a whole and, in particular, to the success of each makeup artist’s career.