Wedding Makeup: Tips and Inspirations to Get It Right in Production

wedding makeup

Makeup is a great ally at wedding parties, learn how to choose a suitable make-up and with your face

The wedding is undoubtedly an important date in the bride’s life, a day where she shares the celebration of her love with those she considers and loves.

Although it is a joy to participate in moments like this, the importance of this date always generates for the guests a concern with the look of the ceremony.

In the case of women, this issue includes several details: it is necessary to choose the dress, accessories, hairstyle and make-up, all with caution so as not to escape the style of the ceremony or to mischaracterize your position, whether as a godmother or guest.

Makeup for Guests

Guests must trust their taste, after all they can opt for makeup in different styles, from a more basic line to something more daring and vibrant. Check out some make up ideas to use and rock the wedding:

Wedding Day

Ceremonies held during the day ask for a well-made skin and products with a good fixation and duration, after all the lighting and heat are more intense. As for the eye and lipstick, the secret is to choose with your production in mind as a whole.

“A wild makeup is the famous smoky eye. For ceremonies in the field, it can be opaque black if the guest is bold, if not, it can be brown or graphite that are lighter and more delicate.”

—Make up Artist, Cloe Adams

It may seem complicated, but if you know how to value your personal style and combine the look of the ceremony with harmony, there is no mistake!

Make up for Wedding: Options to Do at Home

See the step by step of 4 wild cards to use in any type of ceremony:

  • Brown smoky with outlined. Brown is always a good option for those looking for a discreet make-up, whether something certain or still want to throw themselves in dark lipstick. In this makeup, the outlines and the shiny pigment are present to give that elaborate touch, but despite this the step by step is simple, just have delicacy and patience to smooth everything out.
  • Brown gradient with pink touch. With a rosier background than the previous one, this make-up option goes well with both day and night weddings. It matches any tone of dress, it is easy to make and you can also innovate in the color of lipstick.
  • Light eyelid. This idea is for those who are not a fan of all brown eyes and looking for something that is both classic and different. This all-lit eye is perfect for any special occasion and can be adapted to the color of pigment and lipstick you want!
  • Golden eye with red lipstick. Speaking of classic, this is the famous combination of the golden eye with red lipstick. It values ​​all skin tones and is very simple to make, perfect for those who want to look beautiful without difficulty.
bride makeup

5 Professional Tips for Getting Makeup

  • Neutral eye, mouth whatever you want: in doubt about what makeup to choose for the upcoming wedding? An infallible tip for the ideal makeup is to opt for neutral tones in the eyes, the option of the gradient with opaque brown, for example, in warm or cold tones, leaves the modern look and still gives freedom to choose any lipstick color, tells the professionals.
  • Smoky of the gods: the smoky eye is undoubtedly a darling among the party make-up. If you are going to opt for this classic, check out tips: Neutralize the entire eyelid with concealer, seal with face powder (translucent or compact). We recommend that you choose at least three shades of shade (three shades of warm brown, two browns and black, or gray, graphite and black), always following the principle of a light, medium and dark shade to create a beautiful and that gives depth to the look. If you already have your skin ready, apply a lot of translucent powder below the eyes so that, after finishing the eye, you can remove any trace of shadow that has fallen easily.
  • Perfect eyebrows: a well-made eye gains another level when accompanied by a corrected and / or filled eyebrow, after all it serves as a frame for eye make-up. To fill in eyebrows, choose a brown eyeshadow that comes close to the natural color of your hair, with an eyebrow comb, comb them and fill them with shadow in the flaws with a shadow brush. After filling in the gaps, contour the eyebrow very close to the hair with a straight or beveled brush with base, this in addition to making the eyebrow more drawn also makes it look like you just did in the salon. Never use black eyeshadow / pencil to correct the eyebrow, this shade produces an artificial aspect.
  • Diva touch: if you want to make your make even more elaborate, you can play in the contour, valuing your beauty even more. To make the contour choose a darker two-tone powder and apply it where you want to disguise and tune it: nose, from the middle of the ear towards the mouth, on the forehead (hair root) to lighten choose a lighter translucent or compact powder two shades that your skin and apply where you want to highlight: top of the nose, below the eyes, forehead (close to the eyebrow).
  • A radiant skin: the illuminator is an item that makes a big difference in the final result of the makeup and that is why it is nice to invest in a wedding. For the illuminator to enhance your skin tone, apply it on the tip of the nose, on the cupid’s arch (above the mouth) and on the temples (above the blush). For black skin, give preference to bronze and gold illuminators. For white skin, preferably for pink and peach illuminators.

Now it’s easier to rock any wedding with these inspirations and tips and tricks from makeup artists, right? Be sure to try them and have a good party!