You’ve chosen the date, the dress, and you can’t wait to spend your prime time with your likely future partner, but what’s the best first date makeup? When we open the beauty case we are panicked and the fear of getting into trouble is great. We do not know what colors to focus our make-up on or how to enhance our beauty without completely distorting it, after all it is necessary to think that one day we will have to be seen without make-up and we will have to be somehow recognizable. Hence the first rule: no to transformations, for sure. And for the rest? For the first date we suggest you focus on a romantic make-up , let’s find out how to make it happen.

The watchword for a romantic make-up is harmony. This does not mean that we must necessarily focus on nude tones or make a soap and water make-up, far from it! Smokey eyes and lipsticks are absolutely allowed, and indeed recommended, you just have to be careful not to use the whole color wheel, but try to maintain a delicate chromatic balance. The make-up of the first date must bring out our beauty, enhancing it with the suitable make-up to create a fairytale effect, ideal for the enchantment of the meeting with the charming prince.

First Date Make-Up: Start From the Base

The first date make-up must be perfect. Precisely for this reason you cannot absolutely skip the first step for an ad hoc make-up: a flawless face thanks to a good make-up base. Cleanse and moisturize your face, apply primer to even out the complexion, then use foundation and concealer to hide imperfections. But be careful not to overdo it. Avoid applying too much foundation or concealer and do not focus on shades that differ too much from your complexion, otherwise the mask effect is guaranteed. Then fix the make-up base with powder, which is also excellent for dulling the T-zone. Finally, when you make the make-up base for the first date don’t forget to use some blush on pink or peach to give your face a radiant, beautiful and healthy look.

First Date Makeup: Eyes and Lips?

After the base, it’s the turn of the romantic eye and lip makeup. To create your make-up you can indulge in smokey eyes with pastel tones with a creamy and shiny texture for a sparkling touch to the look. And for the colors? Use the color wheel and, to make your eyes stand out, choose those that complement your irises. Make your eyes become an absolute protagonist with a false eyelash effect mascara or with a maxi volume one; the look of a doe conquers anyone!

Instead for the lips? The first date lipstick is another big headache of the first outing. If you want to bring out a strong character you can focus on an intense red, if instead you prefer to convey a more dreamy air then choose one of the infinite types of pink, practically all shades of this color are good. There is only one constant to be respected for a true romantic make-up, choose a well-pigmented texture and, if you have a romantic program for the evening, don’t forget to focus on a long-lasting lipstick or no transfer, so you avoid unpleasant surprises for the your him and you will have no problem crowning a fairytale evening with lots of kisses!

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