Are you feeling sick? Do you think it could be the COVID-19 affecting you? 

Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that is with COVID-19 testing. 

The COVID lateral flow test can determine whether you have COVID-19 quickly and effectively. Moreover, COVID testing can rule out the possibility of you spreading out the virus to other people. 

It is important to remember that people with no symptoms of the virus can work as a carrier. In addition, even vaccinated people can pass on the virus without them knowing. This is why testing has become a crucial part of the combat against the Covid-19 virus.

Why is COVID-19 Testing Important?

The COVID-19 testing is more important than you think. It can provide valuable data to track the virus’s spread within a society or between communities. Moreover, it helps health officials understand the number of people infected and their location. This aids them in finding out areas with high outbreaks and implementing SOPs.

Who Must Get the COVID-19 Test?

If you can’t figure out whether you need to get tested for COVID, look at this list. It includes all people recommended for COVID- 19 testing. 

  1. People who show symptoms of having the virus.
  2. People who have come in contact with someone with COVID-19.
  3. People with plans to attend indoor events and gatherings with individuals outside their family.
  4. People who have not received a full dose of vaccination and need to travel within the country. They must get tested at least a day or two prior to their trip and a few days after their return as well. Ideally, you should delay your trip until you get fully vaccinated. 
  5. Before travelling internationally, everyone must comply with the testing criteria of their destination. In addition, if you have not been fully vaccinated and need to travel, you can get yourself tested at least two days before your flight. However, you must try to delay your plans as much as possible until you get the complete vaccine dosage. Moreover, children over the age of 2 should show a negative result on their way back home. This viral test must be taken a day prior to the trip. 
  6. People who do not show any symptoms but are considered a high priority by their local health practitioners and departments. 

What Tests Can You Take for COVID-19?

COVID-19 testing consists of two main testing categories:

Diagnostic Testing

These tests are used for the diagnosis of the COVID-19. They are divided into two types.

Molecular Testing

These tests are also referred to as PCR testing or RNA testing. They consist of collecting mucus from the depth of your nasal passage and your throat’s backside. Then, these samples are sent off to labs for testing. 

Antigen Testing

These are also known as rapid tests. They comprise of collecting your mucus samples by swabbing. However, the results for these tests are much quicker than molecular testing. 

Antibody Testing

These tests are entirely different from diagnostic testing as they take your blood samples. The samples are then sent off to labs to check for COVID-19 antibodies. The COVID antibody test is vital to find out if you had COVID in the past.

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